L A Boat Show ~ by Junior Journalist Ashley W.

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Ashley Wang (age 11)



My experience at the LA boat show was great. There, we did fun activities and interviewed people. We first did some kayaking, we sit in a canoe and use our paddles/oars to get around the pool. Some people were using the padi, but I used the canoe. At first, I was scared to go on, but it was really easier than I thought.

Everyone was having fun. And after I got off, I wanted to do it again!  My next activity was remote controlled boat docking. The goal was to park the boat in one of those little spaces. This experience was kind of fun because we got to try using a remote control and parking it.

It was pretty challenging! Lastly, we went to Radio Disney to play games about water safety and win prizes. We played a matching game, a game where you pass a water bottle, and dances. Another game we played was trying to decipher pictures.


Then, we interviewed the Disney DJs, I met nice people that made me felt like I was one of them too!  I asked one of the DJS 2 questions.

The first one was, “What do you like about being a Disney DJ?” She told me she liked working with Disney and their characters. She also said she liked meeting cool people like us! My second question for her was, “How often do you go to Disneyland?” She told me she goes at least once a week.

At that moment, I thought that was awesome! She said she had a pass for it so it was really easy for her to go. And again, that was awesome too.  Next, we played a matching game and got more prizes. Then, the DJs gave us coloring books and we all took a group picture.  I think going to this boat show was a great experience!



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