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  1. Plan Toys Activity Clock

    Plan Toys Activity Clock

    Regular Price: $33.00

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    Age: 2Y+

    • This activity clock includes activity cards, which are placed on top of the clock so that children can match the time with the activity.

    • A fun way to learn all the facts and concepts of telling time

    • Reinforce the idea that some activities are done on schedule or in a regular routine Help children understand why time and punctuality is important

    • Winner of the 2006 Silver Award Practical PreSchool Award

    • Features nine basic activity cards and three blank cards for parents to create.

    • Children can explain the activity cards or practice telling the time, developing abstract thinking and language skills.

    • Children can place the activity card on the clock to match the related activity with a specific time.

    • Parents can specify a time and encourage the child to move the clock hands and match the activity card accordingly.

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  2. Plan Toys Fire Engine

    Plan Toys Fire Engine

    Regular Price: $90.00

    Special Price: $59.99

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    Age: 3Y+

    • The Fire Engine is equipped with rotating and extendable ladder.

    • There is Fire Hose and Fire Extinguisher.

    • Children will enjoy directing and using the simple mechanic, which will help develop coordination and gross motor skill.

    • Adults or children can role play different characters such as fire men and use the simple mechanic on the engine, which will help develop solving skills.

    • Play along and ask questions such as “where are you driving the fire engine to” or “Who is going along”, helping to stimulate their creativity, imagination and also developing their language skills.

    • The fire engine can be played together with other toys providing hours of fun.

    • Encourage and enhance children's imagination, motor skill and eye-hand coordination

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