Nay Nay Kirby, Age 13

PBS SoCal studio tour

I took an awesome tour of the PBS SoCal studio in Costa Mesa California on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 with my fellow junior journalists from La JaJa Kids. When I first arrived, we parked in the parking garage, grabbed my notebook and pencil, then headed to the beautiful and tall, PBS Socal building.  Once inside, our tour guides showed us around on the 1st floor. The studio and set, the type of equipment they use to film with (lights, cameras), their call center used for fundraising, the control room, as well as the hair and make-up/ lounge area.  We were allowed to take pictures, ask tons of questions, and learn as much about PBS Kids/ PBS SoCal as possible. Big thank you to PBS SoCal, and everyone at La JaJa Kids for the amazing opportunity.