Kyran Lin, Age 8

We took a tour at PBS studio. Ms. Alison and Christine were show us around. The first room we went was the control room. The second room is the makeup room and the waiting room. The waiting room is a place where people or actors wait for their turn. The makeup room is a place the actors and people to put the make up on so they could look good on TV. The next room is the sound control room. They have soundproof walls. They could control the sound from the film. The last room is called the production room with expensive cameras and lights that could light up a concert. There is an "ON AIR" that warn people when the show is filming. There is a new show coming up called Ready, jet,go. It's about an alien coming to earth and living a normal life like people. I'm looking forward to watch it in the winter. I like the PBS tour because I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know about TV station.