LA Boat Show – By Angeline Nim


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Angeline Nim

The LA Boat Show is very interesting! Once you step in the door you’ll see different type of boats in front of your eyes.



I tried out the Surf Boat Game at first. There are couple kinds of boat for you to ride on. You can choose the one could sit down or to choose the one that you must stand up. If you choose the stand up one you have to be very careful because you could fall into the water if you’re out of balance. I pick the stand up one with my friend. We have lots of fun of riding the boat.



Next I tried the power boat docking challenge. It challenges your brain, hand and eye co-ordination. I had to go two levels to get the boat inside the little decking. Here are some tips; you have to be careful and not to go too fast when you move the boat; otherwise you will bump and your boat will fall out.


Now here is my favorite part. We have the chance to interview the crew members from Radio Disney. I asked them few questions like how they got the job and how do they like it so far. After the interview we’d play some games together and dance together. We all have lots of fun with the DJs.



The last thing we do at the boat show is to tour inside some of the boat; it was amazing!


This is the LA Boat Show!