Junior Journalist Report on America’s Family Pet Expo

Our Junior Journalist Amber had a blast at last month’s OC Pet Expo. Beside watching the animal shows, enjoying delicious food, and playing with lots of pet animals, Amber also interviewed Ms. Becker from the organization. Below is her video and photo journal of her fun day at the Pet Expo~~

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Amber Lin, age 9

Splash! Have you ever seen sea lion and dog splash before? Don’t miss the largest Pet Fair in the United States of America. This year America’s Family Pet Expo features a lot of fun shows, such as rescued sea lion, splash dogs, aquascaping contest, dog/cat breeds presentation and pet adoption.

Today when I entered the expo, I got attention by crowd of audience at the Sea Lion show. Walking to the stage, I saw 3 sea lions happily swim in the pool. When the show started, those 3 rescued sea lions caught everyone’s eyes. I was so impressive of their human-like acts interacting with the host. The 2nd show I like the most was guided dog’s presentation. I was selected as volunteer to be part of the crowd on the route when guided dog would walk. When it guided the trainer passing me through, I was so touched. It is no doubt the dogs are human beings’ best friends!!!

The expo has exhibiting over 1000 pets and animals. You can find all necessities that can provide your pets. The families will enjoy watching their favorite pets and eating ice cream and a lot of food.

At the end, I had a short interview with spokesperson, Ms. Jennifer Becker. This is her 7 th year to take this part and she shared the features of the pet fair this year and her favorite pet. Both of us believe every family will love it!

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